KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Pragya Bails Abhi From Prison Tau Sentenced To life In Prison on Monday 19th June 2017

Kumkum Bhagya Episode 738--739--740 Update on Monday 19th June 2017


The Episode starts with Purab telling Pragya that whatever he did was to save his Ram like brother’s respect and says only Tanu’s respect will be ruined and nothing will happen to Abhi. Pragya says what we will tell Dadi. Purab says Dadi will understand and says lets go to Police station. Abhi asks a thief why did he come here? Thief says this is my sasural. Abhi says they said that they will take me to have food, and asks if he is also married. He asks if you are my relative…

Thief gets bored with his questions. Purab and Pragya come there. Abhi says nobody is talking to me, even this jaggu, thief. He says I am feeling sleepy, and asks her to take him home. Purab goes to talk to Inspector. Pragya tells Abhi that she will be back…Purab greets Inspector and says I am Purab Khanna, I gave
info to SP about that hotel. Inspector gets up and says Mumbai’s people are very fast to raid hotel from there. Purab praises him for taking action on time. Inspector asks what do you mean? Purab says you have acted well. Inspector praises him for giving them info.

Tanu thinks what they are talking about. Pragya tells that she wants to take Abhi. Inspector says case is complicated and tells that Tanu told that she is Abhi’s wife and threatened to suspend him. Purab asks if he tells you, then she is Constable’s wife then will you agree. Constable says I am single and ready. Purab says you shall not believe her.

Pragya asks him to leave Mr. Abhishek Mehra. Inspector says we have to get proof that she is married or not. Pragya says but I have….She shows Abhi and Pragya’s marriage pics. Purab says she is my bhabhi and married Abhi a year ago (when they have celebrated 2 anniversary before). Inspector says your husband is ditching you…Pragya says no, and tells that Tanu made him drank something to take his advantage. Inspector says okay. Abhi calls lady constable’s name. Pragya says he couldn’t differentiate between the lady constables. Inspector asks who is Niku? Purab says Niku is their baby. Inspector asks where is he? Pragya says he is small and I left him with his Dadi. Purab says Dadi is very old and waiting for Abhi. Inspector agrees to let Abhi go and get emotional. Purab tells Inspector that he will ask SP to promote him. Inspector thanks him.

Dadi and Dasi are worried for Abhi. Dasi asks Dadi not to worry and says Pragya and Purab must have reached there on time. She gets Purab’s call. Purab says everything is under control and Pragya will come there with Abhi. Dadi asks them to come home fast. Purab says we will come in 2-3 hours. Dadi tells Dasi that they are coming home. Mitali hears them and thinks she massaged Aaliya uselessly.

Tanu tells Pragya that she will not leave her and will complain to Abhi that she got them arrested. Pragya says what you will tell him, that you gave him drug and got him inebriated so much that he lost his senses. She says what you will do when he ask you what you both were doing that Police arrested you both. She asks her to accept that she can’t get Abhi, and says even God got angry and did this. She asks her to listen to her once and leave. Inspector comes and asks Pragya to take Abhishek Mehra. Tanu asks what do you mean? I will also come. Pragya says I don’t know her. She says you are just a model who came here to shoot with my husband. Tanu says I am Abhi’s….Pragya says you are his nobody. Inspector says okay, I understood. Tanu is angry. Abhi calls Niku…Pragya asks Constable to open the door. She takes him out of cell. Abhi asks Pragya never to leave him alone.

Mitali comes to Aaliya and thinks she is sleeping after making me do her massage. She wakes her up and asks why did you lie to me. Aaliya says you massaged me so that I will increase your pocket money. Mitali says you told me that Pragya will leave from Abhi’s life. She tells that Dadi was telling Dasi that everything is fine at Lonavala, and coming home. They have ruined Tanu’s plans. She asks her not to ask her to do massage again. Aaliya thinks how can this be possible as their car tyre was punctured. She thinks Tanu didn’t call me.

Abhi is drunk and under medicine effect. Pragya takes him out of Police station. Abhi says I am hungry. Purab says this is not your home, but Police station. Abhi says he is feeling hot from inside. Purab says it is so cold here and asks what did you have in night. Abhi says Tanu made him drink wine. Purab asks him to remember if she mixed something in wine. Abhi says tablet….Pragya is shocked. Abhi says she talked to someone on phone and said that she added tablet in my drink. Pragya says don’t know what she made him drink. Purab asks Pragya to take him.
Tanu calls Aaliya and asks her to come to Police station and bail her out. She tells that Purab and Pragya trapped her and got her arrested. Aaliya is shocked. . .

The Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya are in the car. Abhi is drunk still and tells Pragya that he is feeling hot. Pragya asks driver to increase AC volume. Abhi says he is still feeling hot. Pragya asks him to open his shirt button. Abhi asks her to help him open his shirt button. Pragya asks if he is feeling good now…He says you are very good fuggi, wherever you are with me….I feel good. Aa Zara Khareeb Se song plays in his car. Abhi moves his finger on her face and romances with her. Pragya asks driver to stop the song. Abhi asks if you didn’t like this song….Pragya says no…Abhi says I heard this song in the room, where you asked me for dance and dances there with me. Pragya thinks he was seeing me in place of Tanu. Abhi gets closer to her and is about to kiss her. Sanam Re plays…………Pragya

looks on. Tanu thinks Pragya trapped her and kept her in jail. She thinks Purab will not help her and thinks Aaliya is the one who can help her come out. She tries talking to Inspector and asks him to talk to her in loving tone. Inspector asks do you want to trap me. Tanu asks him to let her call her lawyer. Inspector agrees.

Aaliya thinks where is Tanu. Tanu calls Aaliya from Police station’s phone and tells her that she is in police station and asks her to bail her out else she will become criminal among criminal. She says I’ m alone here, Purab and Pragya trapped me here. She asks her to come and bail her out. Aaliya says I can’t afford to lose my image because of you. Tanu begs infront of her to bail her out. Aaliya says she will come and help her only this time. Inspector takes the phone back.
Abhi asks why the scene is cut again and says how our picture will be completed. Pragya says our picture will complete surely. Abhi is doing strange things. Pragya is quite surprised and asks what you are doing? Abhi says everything is moving round…Pragya asks him to keep his head on her lap and sleep. Abhi keeps his head on her lap. Pragya asks him to close eyes and sleep. Abhi says you will leave me and go. Pragya says I will not leave you and asks him to sleep. Abhi says he needs to hear lori to sleep. Pragya is surprised and smiles, asks if he is a child to hear lori. Abhi says you are making me sleep like a child naa, so you should sing lori for me too.

Pragya sings lori lori Chandaniya……song….Abhi sleeps hearing the lori, but driver puts sudden break and he is about to fall down the seat, but Pragya holds him. She thinks he is looking innocent while sleeping. She is about to kiss him. Abhi opens his eyes and asks what she is doing? Why she brought her mouth closer to his forehead. Pragya says I was checking if you slept. Abhi says no, you was checking my nose and thought to switched off my button. Pragya says correct. Abhi says I am a rockstar and says I makes people quiet, but they can’t make me quiet. Pragya asks him to close eyes and sleep. Abhi tells her that he is very hungry. Pragya says we will have food at dhaba.
Dadi calls Sarla and tells her that Pragya reached Lonavala on time and saved Abhi. She is bringing him back to Mumbai now. Sarla is happy and says God heard our request. Dadi cuts the call. Dasi asks her to stay peacefully. Dadi says I didn’t tell her that Abhi is fully drunk. Dasi says Pragya is with him and she will bring him home safely. She is hopeful and says Abhi can confess love to Pragya. Dadi says whatever God did was for betterment. She says Tanu made Abhi drink, but Pragya got advantage.

At Dhaba, Pragya makes Abhi have food. Abhi asks her if she had food? Pragya says no. Abhi asks why do you wear specs? Pragya tells that she has a number. Abhi says no, and says there is a secret and that’s why you tries to hide it behind the specs. Pragya says it is not like that, I want my heart talk to be known to you. Abhi wears her specs and looks at her eyes…….Pragya also looks at him….Allah Wariyan plays………….Abhi tells her that there is a deep secret in your eyes, you love someone but don’t want to tell his name, don’t you worry….I can see his name and face too in your eyes. Pragya smiles. Abhi looks in her eyes carefully and says I saw myself in your eyes. Pragya smiles. Abhi asks if that man is me….Pragya smiles and makes him have food. Abhi says that man is me…..He asks the boy serving food about his name. Pragya asks if he goes to school. He says yes. Abhi says you likes kids. Pragya says I know that even you likes kids. Abhi asks if you will have kids, what you will name him…

Pragya thinks about Abhi telling her that their child name will be Abhigya……Abhi says he didn’t hear this name before. Pragya says it is a combo of two names and never used before, says it is also a secret. Abhi asks her to look at him. Pragya says Dadi is waiting for us, and asks him to have food. He makes her eat food…..Pragya also eats food with his hand. Abhi bites her hand while eating food mischievously. Pragya pays the bill amount and asks the boy not to miss school. Abhi laughs and claps with his legs. Two Singhs come there and greet Abhi asking if he identified him…Abhi calls him Sindhu..and then tells different name. They greet Pragya and calls her Bhabhi ji….Abhi looks on.
Aaliya comes to bail out Tanu. Purab taunts her and asks her to come home with him. He says I bail out Abhi, and asks her to let Tanu in jail so that she can get some mind. Aaliya says you blamed Tanu with cheap accusations. Purab says she did cheap thing. He says you are more cheap than her. The person asks Abhi why don’t he come to his garage? Abhi says cars are working properly, but don’t worry I will make it malfunctioned to bring to your garage. They leave. Abhi tells Pragya that they thought her as Tanu and called Bhabhi ji…to her. Pragya smiles.
No Precap.
The Episode starts with Purab scolding Aaliya for her cheap tactics to separate Abhi and Pragya. He says he will always be with Pragya. Aaliya says oh…just as her bhagya/destiny is with her. Purab challenges her to separate them and says she will never succeed. Aaliya says I never thought that you will become thorn of my way, I am accepting your challenge and will throw that thorn away.

Pragya brings Abhi home and makes him sleep on bed. Dadi asks what happened? Pragya says he is tired, and under drug influence too, so he slept. Dasi teases Pragya. Dadi asks why they didn’t come within 2-3 hours. Pragya says they stopped on the way at dhaba to have food. Dadi asks if Abhi proposed her and talked about his heart talk. Dasi says he was hungry then. Dadi says a way to man’s heart is

through his stomach. Abhi calls Niku. Pragya says I am here. Abhi says I don’t want you to go far from me. He asks her to hold his hand and says he was lonely with her. Pragya agrees to be with him always. Abhi plans to go out with her and sleeps again.
Sarla tells Beeji that Pragya didn’t come till now and is about to call her. Pragya comes there just then. Sarla says she is too tired. Pragya says she is very happy than be tired. She tells that they have taught a lesson to Tanu, and also spent good time with Abhi. She says everything is going to be fine soon. Sarla hopes everything will be fine. Pragya says he said that he saw me in the room when he was with Tanu.

While at the dining table, Mitali asks Dadi about Abhi. Dadi says some people made him drunk, but my son never crossed his limits and applauds for him. Tanu is irked. Mitali asks about Pragya. Dadi says she was with Abhi holding his hand all night. Tanu is angry. Dasi says Abhi got up if she tries to take her hand, and that’s why she held his hand all night. Dadi says I send her home now. Mitali says I saw her gone. Tanu tells Aaliya that they were talking about them. Aaliya says let houseflies gossip and says she is tasting defeat because of her. Dadi asks them if they don’t like food taste. Abhi comes there and greets everyone. Taya ji and Raj ask him to come. Abhi says he is having heavy head, but Niku made him drink lemon water. Mitali says she got his favorite food made. Mitali thinks she should support the new house govt. He asks Tanu when did she come. Aaliya says I brought her home and makes an excuse. Dadi and Dasi ask Abhi to stay at home today.

Pandit ji comes. Aaliya greets him and asks him to have food. Dadi says I didn’t call him. Aaliya says Tanu’s mum sent him. Abhi asks why? Aaliya tells him that Tanu’s mum thought to kept sangeet function as she is near the last stage of cancer. Tanu says yes. Pandit ji says mahurat is of today. Aaliya says today we will have sangeet and celebrate. Abhi says it is too early. Mitali asks Aaliya to ask Tanu’s mom about her last day. Aaliya says we shall do sangeet today, and asks Pandit ji about next date. Pandit ji says it is after 7 months. Aaliya says we can wait, but not her mum. Tanu says we shall have sangeet today. Abhi says Nikita can’t manage everything in a day. Dadi says we have to send invite to everyone. Aaliya says she will send invite to everyone and have list. Abhi asks what about decoration. Aaliya says she will take care of decoration too and asks Abhi to call Nikita as guest only. Tanu emotionally blackmails him and asks him to agree. He agrees. Aaliya says fantastic and gets happy. She hugs Tanu.

Dadi is about to call Pragya, but Aaliya comes and snatches phone from her hand. she says you would have fun seeing how I taught your clever bahu a lesson. She asks her to accept Tanu as bahu. Dadi says Tanu can’t become her bahu and Abhi’s wife even if she takes 7 births. She asks her to leave supporting Tanu. Aaliya says Pragya will leave from here, and Tanu will come as a bahu right infront of you. She asks her to call Pragya and her family, says everything will happen as she wants. Dadi says don’t know what happened to her. She calls Sarla and asks her to call give to Pragya. She tells what Aaliya has done? Sarla is shocked and says God…what you will show us more. Pragya was happy in the morning and now. Dadi asks her to send Pragya fast. Sarla says she went somewhere and left her phone at home. Dadi is worried.

Pragya meets Doctor and asks him about Abhi’s progress. Doctor sees there is a progress. Pragya asks when I shall tell him that I am his wife. She says if I don’t tell him now, then I can never.
Purab comes to Abhi and asks him not to marry Tanu. He says you don’t love Tanu and asks him to think about Pragya. He says sometimes you break Pragya and sometimes destiny breaks her. Abhi asks who is Pragya, and for whom you are fighting with me. He asks if she loves me. Purab says yes she loves you as she is….and stops. Tai ji and Mitali talk about Tanu. Tanu thinks to practice to become owner of the house seeing them.

Purab says she is your fan…Abhi says you are stopping me for a fan. Purab says I don’t want you to marry Tanu. Aaliya comes and says Abhi wants to marry Tanu and asks when he is happy, why don’t you be happy. She says Dadi is searching you and asks him to go. She tells Abhi not to worry about Purab, and says he is moody. She asks him to get ready for evening. Abhi thinks what happened to Purab and who is this Pragya, thinks Nikita is my big fan.
Precap:Sarla tells Pragya about Tanu and Abhi’s sangeet and tells that she wants to see her with him.




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Updatar24.com●: KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Pragya Bails Abhi From Prison Tau Sentenced To life In Prison on Monday 19th June 2017
KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Pragya Bails Abhi From Prison Tau Sentenced To life In Prison on Monday 19th June 2017
Kumkum Bhagya Episode 738--739--740 Update on Monday 19th June 2017
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