KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Abhi Accepts Pragya Pregnancy and Decide to Marry Her on Monday 12th June 2017

Kumkum Bhagya Episode 706--707--708 Update on Monday 12th June 2017


The Episode starts with Pragya thinking Abhi went somewhere early morning and even Sarla didn’t come back. Abhi comes there. Pragya asks what is in your hand. Abhi says he went to bring something for her, and says yesterday I wanted to surprise you, but you gave me a surprise and kind of shock. He gives her clothes. Pragya says it is small. Abhi says it is enough for new born baby naa. Pragya is surprised. Abhi says your baby’s father should do this, and says he will scold him and bring him here. Pragya says there is no need. Abhi says I will be with you and support you, and says best friends can replace any relation. He says I am with you. When I have supported you in good time, then this time will go soon. He says he will change the clothes and come back. He asks if she thought of a name of baby and says if she wants he will give surname too. Sarla hears them and smiles.

Nikhil asks Aaliya to make Tanu understand. Aaliya asks I don’t have any option left and says you have to do this. Nikhil says your idea is a flop. Tanu says it is a good plan, and says Pragya can’t do anything if you do this. She says Abhi thinks that a poor guy left Pragya, but when he comes to know that Pragya’s guy is him then Abhi will think that Pragya has trapped him as he is rich. Aaliya asks him to come to the party and announces that the mysterious man in Pragya’s life is him. Nikhil likes their plan now and agrees.

Abhi tells Purab that he will search for her boyfriend and bring him to her. Purab says this is not possible. Abhi says Doctor confirmed her pregnancy and even Nikita didn’t refuse. Pragya hears them and signs Purab not to say anything.

Nikhil, Aaliya and Tanu have wine and have a reunion party. Nikhil says they will deal with enemies Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya says just Pragya. She asks him to come will manage for the proofs. Nikhil insists that he has a meeting to attend first. Aaliya asks him to understand and not to delay. Tanu asks Nikhil to postpone his meeting. Nikhil says okay and says I will do this work today itself. I will make Pragya hear bad word that she is an unmarried mum.

Sarla tells Dadi that she met that doctor and she said that someone gave her money, but didn’t tell her name. Mitali hears their conversation and thinks to inform Aaliya. Sarla catches her hearing everything. Mitali makes an excuse and goes. Pragya tells Purab that she can bear anything, and asks him not to tell anything to Abhi. Purab says I will tell him everything. Pragya changes his mind. Bunty and Babli comes home. Pragya wishes them happy birthday. Purab hopes Aaliya and Tanu don’t do any cheap trick again.

Mitali is in her room and thinks she shall talk to Raj and asks him to behave nicely with her infront of kids. Raj calls her name and says we shall speak nicely infront of kids, as their friends will be coming. Mitali laughs and says she was thinking same. He says I was just talking about today. Mitali thinks to make his mood good. Bunty and Babli comes there and hug their parents. Mitali and Raj give similar gifts to them. Bunty and Babli tell that their parents have similar choices as they love each other. Mitali and Raj looks on.

Nikhil is in his car and thinks when Tanu was pregnant with his baby, he couldn’t tell anyone that she is carrying his baby, and when Pragya is not pregnant with his baby, he has to lie and announce that she is going to be mum of his baby. He thinks Pragya will get shock of her life now.

Abhi tells Pragya that he was searching her and asks her to choose the color for décor. Pragya asks him to choose soft color for kids’ birthday. Pragya asks him to check the color first, and tries to put pink curtains. Abhi asks her to sit and says he will try the décor curtains. He checks and asks if white and pink combo is looking good. Pragya looks smiling at him. Abhi asks her to see the combination. Pragya says it is good. She thinks one day they will unite and Abhigya or Prabhi will come.

Precap: Tanu and Aaliya ask Pragya if she is expecting her boyfriend. Aaliya says such guys forget the girls. Later Pragya wishes Bunty and Babli happy birthday and give them gifts. They thank her and call Chachi. Everyone looks on surprised, and Abhi is also surprised.

The Episode starts with Sarla and Beeji coming to the party and wish the family for Bunty and Babli’s birthday and give gift. Aaliya tells Tanu that she wants to make Pragya as servant. They see Pragya, and asks if she is searching for her boyfriend. Aaliya says such guys forget their girl friends, or may be she has many boy friends. Tanu says may be she will make someone her boyfriend from the party guest. Pragya asks what they are planning? Aaliya asks her to keep some surprise element and says I am worried for Sarla. Tanu says I am thinking to appoint a doctor for your mum just as you had hired for my mum. Dadi, Sarla and Dasi are angry seeing Aaliya and Tanu troubling Pragya. Pragya warns them not to do anything. Aaliya says you can’t do anything. Tanu asks her to tell her boyfriend’s name to Abhi. Sarla comes there. Aaliya reminds Sarla that Pragya is pregnant and asks her to be gentle. Sarla looks angrily at them. Sarla tells Pragya that she is worried about her and want to tell her something. Abhi asks if your mum is scolding you, and says she is pregnant, don’t scold her. He tries to take Pragya from there. Sarla says I need to talk to her. Abhi tells Pragya that he has saved her. Pragya says okay.

Abhi says today is Bunty and Babli’s birthday and makes her wear birthday cake. Hua Yeh Pehli Baar song plays…….Pragya makes him wear the paper cap. Dadi smiles looking at them and asks God to make Pragya come out of this fake pregnancy trap. Aaliya tells Nikhil that no miracle can save Pragya now, if you do work properly. Tanu asks him to hear Aaliya plan fully. Nikhil says she is the mastermind so I have to hear her. Aaliya says you have to go closer to Pragya, that it should look like compromising position, and then she will take their pics. Tanu says she will go on as stage and make an announcement. Aaliya says she will show their pics on stage. She asks Nikhil to come on stage then and tells that he left Pragya and now she is repenting. Aaliya says she will not tell Abhi about you, as she is worried about Abhi. Tanu says you are safe and need not worry, it is yet to be seen how you will make a lie look real. Nikhil says he will tell lie so convincingly that Pragya will agree that she is pregnant.

Dadi hears them and thinks so this is their plan, if they get successful then Pragya and Abhi will separate. She looks for Pragya and asks Dasi if she saw Pragya. Dasi says she is there. Dadi goes to Pragya and says I need to talk to you. She says tonight Aaliya and Tanu. Bunty and babli come there and asks Pragya to come. Abhi asks where you are taking her? Bunty says to dance floor. Abhi says she will not dance. Bunty asks why? Abhi asks her to refuse them and asks how you will dance in pregnancy. Bunty asks why you are scolding her. Abhi says I am just making her understanding. Pragya says she will be with them when they cut the cake. She gives them gifts. They thank her and say Chachi. Pragya says you are welcome. Everyone looks on.

Abhi is confused and asks why did they call you Chachi. Pragya says they call you Chacha. Abhi says no, they said Chachi. Abhi calls them. Dadi asks why he is making issue? Abhi says do you know what is the meaning of Chachi. Dadi says you might look good with her and that’s why call her Chachi. Tai ji jokes that Tanu looks like Brahmarakshas. Abhi asks where is the moustache, and says she is brahmarakshasni. Tanu gets irked. Dadi thinks how to tell Pragya infront of Aaliya. She asks about the cake. Pragya says it is here. Someone announces that Bunty and Babli will cut the cake now. Bunty and Babli cut the cake and make their parents and others have it. Abhi and Pragya have cake. Abhi cleans cream smeared on Pragya’s mouth. Dadi looks on smilingly. Tanu gets upset. Abhi puts cream on her nose. Pragya asks do you want me to look like joker and applies cream on his nose.

Aaliya asks Tanu not to get upset and says Pragya will become Nikhil’s and you will get Abhi. Purab comes and asks what happened? Dadi tells him that Pragya will get a big shock and tell about Aaliya’s plan. Purab is shocked and says I know that they won’t be quiet and do planning. He says Pragya cares for Abhi, but doesn’t care about herself. Dadi asks him to do something. Purab says we have to stop their plan, else Abhi and Pragya will separate.

Precap: Aaliya tells that there is a sangeet function of Abhi and Pragya after three days, but there is a shocking news too which is indirectly linked to their family. Pragya looks on. Nikhil says now film will start. .

The Episode starts with Aaliya telling Nikhil and Tanu that Dadi is doubting them, and says she will go on stage and announce. She asks Nikhil to be close to Pragya and hold her hand. Nikhil praises her ideas. Aaliya goes on the stage and takes the mic. Nikhil comes to Pragya. Pragya asks how dare you to come here. Nikhil says I am very happy today and that’s why came. Pragya says it seems you have forgotten that day beating. Nikhil says I came to congratulate you on your pregnancy. Pragya asks him to go and stand with Tanu, else she will tell Abhi that he is her kidnapper. Nikhil says I know you won’t do anything as such, as you loves Abhi. He whispers in her ears that she would have told Abhi about Aaliya and Tanu. He says you couldn’t tell Abhi about Tanu’s baby father, but now you will know who is the father of your child. Pragya asks what he is planning? Nikhil says she will see soon and holds her closely.

Aaliya wishes Bunty and Babli, a happy birthday. She says I have another good news, and says Abhi and Tanu will have their sangeet after 3 days, but there is some bad news too. She says I have some shocking news too, and says it is indirectly linked to our family. Dadi says she has started her work and wonders what will happen now. Purab says I have to stop this announcement somehow. Mitali stops her and says she wants to see her kids happy. She asks her to play the video which she made for her kids. Aaliya says I will play the video later else…She gets angry. Mitali asks her to play the video first and asks her to keep the bad things for other days. Aaliya signs the woman to play video. Nikhil says real film will start now. Everyone see Sarla asking Doctor why she has ruined her daughter’s life. Doctor tells that she didn’t do this intentionally and someone gave money to her to declare Pragya pregnant.

Aaliya asks someone to close the video. Dadi says let this video run, I want to see. Abhi says even I want to see. Aaliya says it is inappropriate as kids are here. Abhi says it is shot by spy cam, and we have to see. Doctor says I was asked to say this, as your daughter is ruining someone else life. She says that woman threatened to ruin my career. Mitali says that Doctor lied to us. Abhi asks Pragya why she didn’t tell him. Pragya says you didn’t give me a chance to speak. Abhi says you likes to torture me and took my care. Dadi asks you should be happy that she has not done any mistake. She says we will hug her. She hugs Pragya. Pragya smiles. Dadi says I was listening to my heart and my heart said that she can’t be wrong. Dasi says her heart is clear as this video. Nikhil is upset. Abhi says who is Nikita’s enemy, who is trapping her. He asks do you have doubt on any person. Pragya says nods.

Sarla tells herself that she shall tell truth to Abhi with proofs. She thinks to expose Tanu and Pragya. A fb is shown, Sarla tells Dadi that they shall expose Tanu and Aaliya. Dadi says if we go against them, then Abhi’s mind will have a bad effect. Pragya also worried for him and asks Sarla not to tell anything. Fb ends. Abhi praises Sarla for making the video smartly, and says Pragya should learn from you. Sarla says I did a mistake and thought from mind, and that’s why thought to think from heart and prove her innocence. Abhi says don’t know who is her enemy. Sarla says they are few people who have crossed all limits. Abhi says I won’t stop and won’t leave them. He apologizes to Pragya for not trusting her silence and says whoever tried to malign your reputation, I will not leave that person. Pragya thanks him.

Pragya thanks Sarla. Sarla asks her to thank her for everything and makes her emotional. Pragya says I understood, and says no thank you. Sarla says you are very understanding and don’t need anyone’s help. She says I knew that you don’t need my help, but I did a small help. Dasi says we shall celebrate for Aaliya and Tanu’s game end. Dadi also praises Sarla. Purab says she got strength from me. Dadi asks from where did you get camera idea. Dasi says this is not your idea. Sarla says she got this idea from Beeji.

A fb is shown, Beeji tells Sarla that Doctor is lying and says we shall find out about the person behind this. Sarla says I have promised Pragya to bring her truth. How I will prove her innocence and make people believe. Beeji goes inside and brings the spy cam. Sarla asks why you are giving me button. Beeji says it have spy cam in it, and asks her to record everything. Sarla asks from where did you get it? Beeji says she bought it online, and asks her to use it to prove Pragya’s innocence. Fb ends. Sarla says Doctor got emotional and told the truth. Dadi says why didn’t you tell me. Sarla says when I came to tell you, I saw Mitali spying on us and stopped myself.

Nikhil gets angry with Aaliya. Tanu says I was dreaming that Abhi will confess love to me. Nikhil says what would have happened if I had announce that I am her baby’s father, then video is shown. Aaliya asks them to shut up and says I did a mistake by joining you in my plan. She says I can’t bear to see your face. Nikhil says even I am bearing because you are Tanu’s friend.

Precap: Pragya asks Nikhil to leave else she will kick him out.




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Updatar24.com●: KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Abhi Accepts Pragya Pregnancy and Decide to Marry Her on Monday 12th June 2017
KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Abhi Accepts Pragya Pregnancy and Decide to Marry Her on Monday 12th June 2017
Kumkum Bhagya Episode 706--707--708 Update on Monday 12th June 2017
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