KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Aaliya, Tanu ad Nikhil Plan to Kill Pragya Again on Friday 9th June 2017

Kumkum Bhagya Episode 703--704--705 Update on Friday 9th June 2017


The Episode starts with Aaliya telling Abhi that Pragya was trying to fool him and made him sign on the cheques of the employees who do not work with them. She says she planned to make you sign on contract, which will name everything on hers. Abhi tells her that Pragya is honest and hardworking and doesn’t believe him.

Aaliya asks him why can’t he see the truth and goes on bad mouthing about her. Abhi asks her to stop it and says I know that you don’t like her. He says he believes what he see only, says she is my employee and no. 1 fan too. Aaliya says okay, you will believe if you see with your eyes, and think whatever I am saying is baseless. She reads the paper in which Abhi is giving his Power of Attorney to Nikita Arora. Pragya is shocked. Aaliya says if you had signed on this paper,
then your assets, property, money would have gone on her name. She says this is her truth.

Pragya says this is a lie, and tells that these papers was brought by account. Aaliya asks her not to utter a word and say nonsense.She says whatever you have planned was over. She asks Abhi to read the papers and says nikita is very clever and thought you will be occupied today. She has chosen the right time to get your property on her name. Dadi cries hearing this. Aaliya says she has become betrayal no. 1 from your fan no. 1. Pragya refuses that she doesn’t make these papers.

Dadi says I don’t accept this and asks Aaliya when did she read the papers. Aaliya says you don’t know what she was planning against us, and asks her not to say anything else she has to cry. Tai ji and Mitali are happy seeing Pragya’s misery. Aaliya says Nikita’s truth is out now. Abhi asks how did you know about all this. Aaliya says I was keeping an eye on her from day 1 and when I see accountant Manohar coming here to meet her, they were talking something secretly and then she took him to room. She says Manohar asked her to get your signatures on cheques and POA. She says Nikita told Manohar that she will give 10 percent to him once she gets everything.

Aaliya says when I confronted Manohar, Manohar agreed. Pragya says she told Manohar that she can’t get his sign on the paper. Aaliya says you will not accept this and asks someone stop Manohar. Manohar is about to run away. Abhi catches him and slaps him hard. He asks who called you here, he asked if Nikita is saying truth or Aaliya? Aaliya asks Manohar to tell the truth, and says if you will tell truth then Abhi will support you, else no. Manohar tells I did a mistake, and was in need of money. He tells that he has to take this step and tells your secretary is very clever. She has offered me 10 percent money and give me greed. He says Aaliya has caught her, and says Nikita is your enemy and not fan no. 1. Pragya is shocked.

Beeji asks Sarla, what happened there. Sarla tells her that Aaliya and Tanu have crossed the limits. She tells the party incident. Beeji says why did you leave Pragya there? She says if Tanu or Aaliya do something with her then she is alone. Sarla says you knew that she is working with Abhi, and then also you are saying this. Beeji says I want them to be together, and Abhi to get his memory back. Janki brings water. Sarla says we want them to be together, and thought she will be happy always with her prince. Beeji asks Janki to give her something to eat.

Tanu asks aaliya, why did she call her here. She says she is enjoying the drama more than her mehendi. Aaliya says it was all planned by her, and says she needs her help. She asks her to call Police and inform them about the theft at home. She asks her to call Police fast. She says I will go outside, before Pragya plays emotional card. Manohar tells Abhi that Pragya has trapped him and took advantage of his helplessness. He apologizes to Abhi. Abhi slaps him and says Nikita can’t do this. He says you are trying to put your blame on Nikita, and asks him to tell truth. Aaliya comes back and tells him that she has heard with her ears. She says you believe him and not me. She tells we have to make her reach her place which she deserves and says she will go to jail.

Dadi asks why did you call Police, and says it is our family matter. She asks why do you want her to get punished. Aaliya says I have no personal enmity with her and says I called Police to arrest her. If she has done mistake, then she should be punished. She says she has done fraud of crores. Inspector comes and asks who is Nikita Arora. Aaliya says it is good that you came. Abhi says we shall give a chance to Nikita, and says accountant might be trapping her. Aaliya says let them decide what the truth is, and asks Inspector to arrest her. Tanu and her mum smirks.

Pragya goes to Abhi and holds his hand, asking if he thinks she can do this. Abhi asks Inspector not to arrest her and says it is our house matter and asks him not to arrest her. Inspector says she has done fraud and will be arrested. Aaliya asks Inspector to go ahead. Inspector arrests Pragya and takes her away.

Aaliya badmouths about Pragya’s character and tells that don’t know what she has done with other guys. Purab raises his hand on Aaliya, but Abhi stops him. Purab says she is not your secretary, but…..Abhi looks on.

The Episode starts with Inspector arresting Pragya. Purab comes and asks Inspector where he is taking her. Inspector tells that she has done fraud. Purab tries to stop her arrest, but in vain. Purab is shocked and asks Abhi how can he believe that his secretary can betray him, when she is honest. He asks why can’t you read in her eyes and know. Aaliya says unbelievable, Purab is taking her side now, and says even he doesn’t know about her game plan. She says Nikita has trapped Abhi and Purab both with her innocence, and says don’t know she had trapped how many guys before.

 Purab raises her hand on her asking how dare she? Abhi stops him and asks if he is gone mad. He says you are raising your hand on Aaliya because of her. Purab says she is not your secretary, but your ……then says true
fan. Abhi says I don’t want to talk about her and goes.

Pragya is in police lock up, and recalls Abhi applying kumkum in her maang accidently. Abhi looks at his clothes in the mirror and thinks about Pragya buying it online for him. He recalls trying shirts and asking how he is looking? Pragya says you are looking as johny lever. Abhi asks if you want to see Tom Cruise, and is about to take his shirt off. Pragya says no and runs. Abhi laughs. Fb ends. Pragya thinks why did her maang was filled with kumkum when she was about to separate from him. She thinks Abhi can’t doubt on her and thinks he will come and free her. Abhi puts wine in the glass. A fb is shown, Abhi recalls Pragya stopping him from drinking, and threatening to inform Dadi. She says she wants his betterment and is secretary of everyone who think about his betterment. Fb ends. Abhi breaks the glass and thinks don’t know who is saying truth and who is lying? He says Aaliya can’t lie and Nikita can’t do this. He is confused.

Sarla thinks to call Pragya and asks her when she is coming. Beeji says I don’t want her to come home today and says she got abhi’s mehendi and kumkum on her hand and maang respectively. Sarla calls her, but she doesn’t pick the call. Door bell rings. Beeji asks her to open door. Sarla opens the door and finds Purab standing. Purab walks inside sadly and tells about Aaliya trapping Pragya in a fraud case and got her arrested. Sarla is shocked. Beeji says when Abhi was there, how could he let her arrested? Purab says he is sure Aaliya made concrete plan against her. Tanu tells Aaliya that they shall not take Pragya lightly and tells that she was staring Abhi and her. Aaliya asks her to enjoy the drink and says she can’t do anything. They cheers. Aaliya says I have seen her teary eyes face and says we shall go to jail and sees her once. Tanu asks who is Pragya and laughs. Aaliya says good one. Dadi and Dasi hear them and get sad.

Abhi recalls Pragya’s good deeds, and thinks what is happening with him. He thinks why didn’t I stop her. He thinks to talk to her. Pragya is in the police station. Constable informs her that someone came to meet her. Pragya sees Abhi coming there, and gets emotional….zindagi ke safar me….plays…..Pragya and Abhi come towards each other. Pragya looks at him with tears in her eyes, and holds his hand. Abhi takes his hand back, and asks why did you do this with me. I have made you my personal secretary and kept you with me, trusted you and treated you as family. He says he got very much sad when she left, and that he is more sad thinking she has broken his trust.

Pragya asks him to look in her eyes and tell. He says do you think that I am a betrayal, thief, liar…She says I can’t tell anything to prove my innocence. She says you are sad as you know somewhere that we are destined to stay each and are made for each other. She says I can’t betray you and can’t lie you as I love you. Allah Wariyan plays…….She cries. Abhi is shocked. Pragya says I can’t stay away from me, as I love you. Abhi asks what you are saying? Pragya says you might be thinking that I am talking strange, or lying to protect myself. She says I don’t want you to free me from here. She says I just spoke my heart out and want to hear your heart. She asks him to trust his heart and tell her. She says a person who loves someone can’t betray him. Abhi says I am going to marry Tanu….Pragya says no problem, I love you and it is my decision to be with you. Abhi looks on emotionally.

Precap:Sarla and Purab come to police station to bail Pragya. Sarla tells Pragya that Abhi didn’t bother to come and bail her out, rather he is sitting at home peacefully. Pragya is sad too.

The Episode starts with Pragya telling Abhi that she loves him and can’t see him in trouble because of her….Abhi keeps his hand on her shoulder. Pragya stands up. Abhi hugs her. Allah Wariyan plays……Abhi says I believe you…and I know you will not break my trust, you loves me so much and your truth is seen is your eyes. He says if I love someone after my music and Dadi then it is you. He says it is you with whom I want to live with my family.

He says even I can’t see you in trouble and asks her to come with him. He says I will take back the case and tell Aaliya. He asks do you trust me..? Says you was my friend before, but now my responsibility too…Allah Wariyan plays……He holds her hand and take her outside. Constable stops Pragya and asks where is she going? Pragya says he came to meet me. She sees Abhi gone, and it was just her imagination. Constable scolds Pragya. Sarla and Purab come to meet Pragya. Sarla hugs Pragya. Pragya says I didn’t do anything. Sarla says why Abhi didn’t stop your arrest. Pragya says he tried to stop my arrest, but in vain.

Sarla says if he had trusted you, then he would have come and meet you, or send lawyer to bail you out. Pragya says I don’t know why he didn’t come, but I am sure that he trust me. Sarla asks until when she will cover up his doings and says he has done wrong, I don’t expect this from her.

Constable takes Pragya again to lock up room. Abhi is going to Police station. Aaliya and Tanu stop him. Abhi says he is going to Police station to bail out Nikita. Aaliya asks how can he believe her. Abhi says I will talk to her and says he can’t believe that she can’t lie to him. Aaliya says you have to control your feelings. She says I got a call from investors asking why did we put our shares on sale. Abhi is shocked. Aaliya says Nikita has done this and made you emotional fool. You are thinking about her, but she didn’t think about Dadi or you. She says it is not right to give a chance to others to fool you. She asks him not to favor her. Hearing this, Abhi goes back to his room.

Sarla comes there. Dadi asks you are here? Sarla asks about Abhi. Dadi says he is in room. Tanu comes and stops Sarla. She says you can’t meet him. Sarla also insults her and threatens to tell her truth to Abhi. Tanu says you can’t do this and play with his life. Sarla asks what about my daughter? You people are playing with her life. She says Abhi lost her memory, but not me. I will shout and tell him. She asks her to move and goes to his room. Abhi gets a call. Sarla goes to his room and claps. She says you have really appreciated my daughter well. She says my daughter worked for you with hardwork and honesty. She tells about Pragya’s doings and tells she had saved you on Dussera day, but you couldn’t protect her when Police was arresting her. Abhi says I tried to stop Police, but all proofs and evidence was against her. Sarla says proofs are needed to know a stranger, and not loved ones. She asks why didn’t you see in her eyes, and says honesty is in her eyes. She tells she has taken care of your family, and you didn’t think that she is proved guilty because of the proofs. She says you would have stood at her side just because she is your Pat…and stops. Abhi looks on.

Tanu asks Aaliya why did she not stop Sarla? Aaliya says she came here as a wounded tigress and that’s why she didn’t stop her. Abhi asks Sarla to speak. Sarla recalls talking to Pragya and asking her to tell him that she is his wife. Pragya telling her that sudden shock can harm him. She says Pragya trusts you. You might be thinking that I am lying. She says I have my hopes pinned on a wrong guy. She goes. Dadi tells Sarla that they couldn’t do anything for Pragya. Dasi also says the same. Dadi says we will try to bail her out. Sarla says you all are liars, and was not with my daughter else she wouldn’t be in jail. She says you didn’t lose anything, but I have lost my everything. She says I will do whatever is needed. Aaliya tells Tanu that it is good Sarla didn’t slap her.

Precap: Tanu asks someone (may be new Nikhil) that she wants to see Pragya’s death and asks him to kill her today itself. She says Pragya’s death have become more big dream than her marriage. .




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Updatar24.com●: KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Aaliya, Tanu ad Nikhil Plan to Kill Pragya Again on Friday 9th June 2017
KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Aaliya, Tanu ad Nikhil Plan to Kill Pragya Again on Friday 9th June 2017
Kumkum Bhagya Episode 703--704--705 Update on Friday 9th June 2017
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