SHOCKING! Abhi plans accident to kill Alia

Kumkum Bhagya’s upcoming episodes are going to be full of twists. Viewers can expect high voltage drama in their favourite Zee Tv show in the coming weeks. If you have been following the show then you must be aware that Abhi has lost his memory after a recent accident. He remembers everyone but Pragya. In fact Abhi has no memory of being married and having a special someone in his life. Poor Pragya had to unwillingly walk out if Abhi’s life. Alia and Tanu took this as a golden opportunity to win back Abhi. Alia who always wanted to take over Abhi’s wealth is now seeing her dream come true. Abhi is completely under Alia’s control and does everything that she says. 

But the makers are anticipating to introduce a new twist for their fans. Soon it’s going to be revealed that Abhi is pretending to lose memory and he is perfectly fine even after that deadly accident. He is also aware that Alia along with Tanu and Nikhil were planning to kill Pragya. But it was he who came in between and saved her life. Abhi’s Retrograde Amnesia drama is just to save Pragya from Alia and Tanu. Besides, he would get enough time to take revenge on the three of them. Since now Pragya is out of Abhi’s life, Alia and Tanu don’t consider her as a threat and will not try to harm her too.

In the meanwhile, Abhi is charting a plan to take revenge on Alia,Pragya and Tanu one-by-one.

Alia is the first person on his hit list and Abhj has planned a very ugly plan for her. In the coming episodes of the show you will see that Abhi makes a master plan to kill Alia with an accident, just the way the did to him. He has kept Pragya safe by keeping her out of his plans. Will Alia come to know about Abhi’s drama? Will Abhi’s plans be successful this time?

On the other hand, Pragya is enjoying the moments she get to spend with Abhi at her work. Since she works as a receptionist at the same company were Abhi is recording his latest album, they meet almost every day. Alia has no clue about this so far but she had recently sensed that something wrong is going on in her absence which she is not aware of. Will Alia find out that Pragya is back in Abhi’s life?

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